To advertise donated trash heaps called Warpath with similar videos is a low manipulation. Although the developers at Lilith Games have done a good job too. After all, you need to be able to do so that you do not play, but you.

What is now called “strategies” on mobile platforms are very different products. There are serious projects, some of which are adaptations of tabletop wargames or global strategies. There are few of them, not all of them are deep, but these are the features of the wide audience of the mobile market. There are modern interpretations of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) or turn-based tactics.

Great Donat War. Warpath mobile strategy review

And then there are imitations. Most often two-in-one. At the first level, they imitate a global strategy, at the second level, tactics. The name for such projects on smartphones is legion. Players can choose from any setting. Zombie Apocalypse - State of Survival. Fantasy / Medieval - War and Magic: Kingdom. Science fiction - Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade.

Unfortunately, now the developers have gotten to the Second World War. Meet Warpath from the creators of the acclaimed AFK Arena.

To talk about some kind of historicity, technical characteristics of technology, about the location of rivets on the armor of tanks and the shade of partisans' quilted jackets is simply ridiculous. The plot of the campaign unfolds against the backdrop of a confrontation with the Voron organization, a conditional Nazi bloc opposed by the same conditional Western allies and the abstract Soviet Union and ... some kind of Germany?

But if the campaign, which begins with the battle of Moscow, still has some distant relation to real history, then the main game mode is more like a showdown of the clubs of reenactors who have not fully mastered the materiel.

As usual in such projects, the player will have to locate his base on the global map, on which he needs to build an airfield, barracks, production workshops, a research center, and further down the list. In other settings, these buildings may be called a little differently, but the meaning does not change.

It is necessary to study the surroundings, extract resources, research technologies, pump your level, pump your VIP level, pump buildings, pump units, increasing his experience, pump units by installing modifications. Pumping units by installing parts, pumping officers ... Perhaps something else needs to be pumped, you can't remember everything.

The number of levels of pumping units will be the envy of other MMORPGs - 200. And their varieties ... One infantry of 30 types. And then there are field artillery, howitzers, MLRS, tank destroyers, light, medium, heavy and super-heavy tanks. You will download.

You will have to select units for your army from what has been left. The player receives some units as the campaign progresses, others need to be obtained by opening loot box cards. The better the unit, the less chance of getting it. It makes no sense to invest in pumping everyone at once, because the number of units in the army depends on the number of barracks built. You just need to choose the most suitable ones, if, of course, there is plenty to choose from.

Resources are required for pumping. Some resources are used for construction and are mined on the global map, in battles with a pile of bricks or a pack of boards. Other resources are needed to level up units and are mined in the campaign. Something is "poured" on beginners for numerous initial achievements. Although, even in comparison with competitors, Warpath is distinguished in this respect by greed. Slow resource grind is very strongly limited by "energy".

The player is driven into an endless cycle of grind-pumping-grind. At the same time, there is no gameplay either in the campaign missions or on the global map. It is enough to tap in the direction of the enemy and command the attack. Then everything will go in auto battle mode. If your units are pumped enough, then the victory will be yours. If not, then again grind-pumping-grind, endless fuss with weak opponents. And all this with pauses to restore energy.

In addition to combat experience, you need to grind items that strengthen their units. Duplicates can be disassembled, collect new ones, getting blueprints for this. The intricate and complex design is actually a parallel pumping branch.

In itself, this gameplay is not very entertaining - he tapped on the enemy, sent his own to attack. He waited for the troops to approach, shoot, and received a reward. And repeat until you lose energy. But the meaning of Warpath and others like it is different, namely - in domination over the weaker and humiliation in order to amuse the sense of self-importance. There is no need to master some tricky techniques or be a great strategist to do this. It is enough to grind resources and pump every day. It is better to do this in a team of their own kind, since the clan gives a bonus to pumping if the clan members are pumping the clan.

The hammered gang begins to spread its influence across the world map, literally trampling weaker opponents into the dust, throwing them out to the periphery of the game world. A clash with another strong clan can lead to a long confrontation, since everyone has the same opportunities for free grinding. But once you add money to Warpath, the game transforms.

The experience of fighters and commanders begins to grow by leaps and bounds, powerful modifications and previously unseen units appear. Resources begin to flow like a river and life becomes easier, until the trickle of money runs out.

Donator units, hung with modifications on all sides, led by powerful commanders, even having met an enemy of the same level, can destroy him easily and naturally, so pay-to-win is so great in Warpath (pay-to-win).

Everything that is possible is monetized in Warpath - gacha casinos, in-game purchases for several types of currencies, pay-to-play elements. Regular cash contributions make life much easier and the more money a player invests, the stronger he becomes.

This is not at all obvious to newbies, who, after registering, end up on a new server filled with the same newbies. Moreover, visually the game makes a pleasant impression. By the time of the collision with reality, so much effort and time will be spent on this game that few will be ready to either abandon everything or endure constant raids and plunder from strong neighbors. Some will start investing real money.

This will help for a little while. There will always be someone with a thicker wallet who alone will bury you and your alliance. And those who want to continue will need to either hide from the Asian tigers and jackal around the edges of the map, in the hope that they will not notice, recouping even weaker ones, or pay.

Some try to appeal to the conscience of developers in reviews on Google Play and AppStore. How is it, yesterday everything was fine, and the whole alliance cheerfully grind and bend newcomers, and today the donator has built everyone. But all is in vain. High-quality and expensive advertising will catch up with new plankton in Warpath for fish food. Dolphins and whales are already eating fish.

Don't be plankton, remove Warpath. And to indulge a sense of self-importance is better not with the thickness of the wallet.


In reviews on Google Play, a lot of users gave Warpath five stars just because they were hooked by the trailer. On the territory of the former Soviet Union, there are generally few people who are indifferent to the Great Patriotic War. But it's one thing when such an emotional video is filmed for the game War Thunder, which, it seems, was inspired by, and another thing is Warpath.

Gaijin Entertainmet and their competitors from Wargaming create good projects. Not without flaws, but thanks to their games, interest in that era only grew. Gaijin Entertainmet took part in the creation of the film “Panfilov's 28”, Wargaming has its own educational projects and supports museums.

And Lilith Games creates a game-service in the setting of World War II, where any rich player in his free time can indulge his ego at the expense of others.

In 1945, many young boys paid for their real victories with blood. 75 years later, their peers give Warpath five stars in reviews and ask (!) The developer to make sure that donor donors don't beat them so hard. Instead of erasing the rating of these slops to zero, and making sure that no one comes close to them. Respect yourself and others. Lilith Games does not need players, but clowns for the amusement of a wealthy public. And please rate games not for trailers.


  • Good work of designers and artists


  • Missing gameplay
  • Gacha Casino
  • Pay-to-play
  • Pay-to-win
  • The winner is the one who paid the most
  • Parasitism in World War II