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You, a novice alchemist, were lucky enough to find in the medieval fantasy world an abandoned house of a sorcerer with all the equipment necessary for business. Get ready to dive into the unknown mysteries of potions and the market economy.


Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Genre: simulator
Developer: niceplay games
Publisher: tinyBuild
Age rating: 12+
Platforms: PC, Early Access
Played on: PC
Translation: not required
Similar to Moonlighter (2018) • Alchemist Simulator (2020)

An indie simulator of an alchemist from a St. Petersburg studio with a western publisher soared to the top sales on Steam for reasons similar, in general, to the reasons for the recent success of Hades. She also had her own stylish picture and some kind of narrative, rehearsal gameplay. Also, and most importantly, Hades has proven to be an easy way to get into a particular genre. Potion Craft is doing roughly the same thing for the vast genre of management simulations - from zoo manager to sports trainer - without learning graphs or statistics. Well, or bartender simulators, which have spawned so many that we can confidently talk about a full-fledged subgenre.

So, you have a potions shop at your disposal, where customers come every day. Most of all, this part of the game resembles the trading system in the touching Moonlighter: there, too, it was necessary to ensure demand based on the available resources. But if the Moonlighter chased the player into the dungeons after them, then Potion Craft offers, yawning, to walk through the beautiful garden in the backyard and just collect the necessary mushrooms and herbs. In the garden, all this wealth grows by itself, is autonomously renewed every day and does not require any investment from the player. In fact, this is a third-party source of a surplus resource, ensuring that you will not be left with a broken cauldron, even if you run your little alchemy business very badly.


It's a peaceful life

There is a broken alchemical machine in the basement of your new home (along with customers, a colleague sometimes wanders into the shop, offering parts for repairs for a tidy sum), a bed is comfortably planted in the attic. When the last customer leaves the shop - happy or not - it's time to go to the side shop before the next working day.

But the most interesting thing, of course, is located between the attic and the basement: this is your immersive laboratory for creating potions. Forget the good old recipe determinism: here you have to make potions from everything at hand, and the same result will be achieved using completely different components. It turns out this way because the components themselves and their combinations are not endowed with certain specific properties, they only literally build a route to this or that potion on the local impressive map of the alchemist. From the center of the map, as you add any plants, mushrooms and crushed stones to the cauldron, your symbolic bottle will move to the distant borders of the parchment until it hits the icon of the corresponding broth. After that, with the help of special furs, you should fan the fire under the cauldron and wait for the coveted button "Finish the potion" to light up.