Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review

2021 year. As a result of the terrorist attack, many nuclear power plants were blown up. The irradiated planet has become uninhabitable. For 150 years, the few survivors hid underground and finally decided to get to the surface in an attempt to revive the desert planet. Plot-stamping? Yes. Like many items from Settlers, Banished, Stronghold, and Frostpunk.

At our disposal comes a dilapidated bus that plays the role of a town hall, and a handful of adults and children who are building the New World. The game will not start with a perfectly green field - you will have to process and create in an ugly radioactive meadow. And try to survive.

Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review

For the functioning of our entire venture, Endzone offers a system for distributing tasks between employees. If you want to build a building, do not expect that all free men will automatically run up and start working. There are also no direct assignments to specific characters.

The player's role is passive. There are a number of professions: builders, water carriers, foresters, engineers, tailors, hunters, and so on. The task is to take care of balance, that is, to correctly distribute people so that all the gears work. True, sometimes there are problems with the failure of the AI, when the distribution of tasks does not work correctly.

You cannot rush or you will jeopardize the delicate balance of production chains, which will cause a massive plague of settlers. Finding it isn't easy, but that's where the fun and the challenge lies. The main thing: do not expect that a single strategy works in all missions in the same way. It is necessary to take into account the influence of the environment, which at one point will make the priorities turn upside down.

Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review

The player has a timeline that shows upcoming events. Drought is approaching - it is worth saving water. Radioactive rains are coming - it is better to stock up on protective suits and appoint additional deactivators that will clean the contaminated food.

Colonists are people of flesh and blood, not infantry, with which you do what you want. They are hungry and thirsty, they need to be protected from radiation, they can get angry. And most importantly: they grow old and die. This is one of the most important elements of the game. Residents are really fighting for their lives, and the player must help them in the fight.

You can forget about the classic model of real-time strategy, where you buy a certain number of dolls and pull the strings. Everything happens naturally here. People have families, children. Children will grow up and start working. And first they must get an education at school and help as much as they can.

Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review

Someone will die? Relatives will want to bury him, so it is better to send the body to the gravedigger in the cemetery, and not leave it on the street, reducing morale. Is someone getting sick? You should go to the hospital to see a doctor. And sometimes virtual people just want to go to a pub and have a beer and smoke.

In addition to professional workers, Endzone also has free workers who do not sit idly by and are engaged, for example, in delivery. Materials are needed to construct a building, mainly wood and scrap. And someone has to collect or mine raw materials. Then take it to the warehouse. And after the accumulation of the required amount of resources, the builder comes and starts the process. These little things happen in real life, but most strategies overlook or oversimplify them.

It is worth noting that ugly buildings made of garbage, rusted sheets and pieces of scrap metal perfectly fit into the atmosphere, but they do not always stand out against the background of ruins and other objects. And this is inconvenient.

Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review

Gradually, the colony in the science center will invent new buildings. The tech tree is small, but that's good, because you will have enough to control. Over time, we will begin to send expeditions, explore abandoned buildings, find new resources and fight gangs.

It would seem that an authentic portrayal of the activities of the human community brings with it problems with slowness. And so it is. Although the developers have taken care of two and three times the speed of the gameplay, the project lacks dynamics.

Endzone is a game for the patient and those who want to understand a complex system with an interesting gameplay. Therefore, at first it is recommended to undergo training for several hours (very long, but necessary), where the basic mechanics and elements are explained in detail. Special praise deserves a textbook with highlights of every aspect and nuance for those who have forgotten or did not understand. Then you can try your hand at the mass of variations of the survival mode with fine-tuning of the difficulty level, and finally start completing a dozen scenarios.

Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review

The main trap for the player is micromanagement, which will gradually turn into a routine. It is easy to manage a colony of several dozen inhabitants, out of several hundred is a headache. There is no automation of tasks, so the definition of work areas for collecting scrap, plants, hunting and more must be defined manually. And make sure they are up-to-date.

The problem also includes notifications. Information about some events appears, but it is presented uncomfortably. In order to notice the missing work unit in time and appoint a replacement, the vigilance of the player is required. And in an accelerated mode, it is not always possible not to miss a critical danger for a settlement or a lack of a resource. It is better to put autosaves (disabled by default) in order to replay the difficult moment in case of a miss.

Ob (re) chenny world. Endzone: A World Apart Review


Evaluating Endzone: A World Apart is easy. This is a quality strategy without significant technical problems and glitches. Most of the time, you feel like a part of a society that is on the verge of extinction. This is facilitated by the magnificent audiovisual material: apocalyptic music and graphic background, which perfectly reflects the surrounding world.

A decent level of simulation of the inhabitants here goes hand in hand with the need for careful management. The game lacks original ideas and eventfulness, it is soundly assembled from familiar pieces. This is good, but not everyone will like it. An experienced strategist will quickly say, "I've seen all this before."

The post-apocalyptic Endzone is pretty darn good, but the core of the game quickly falls into disrepair despite the variety of settings and missions.


  • Attractive, lively, atmospheric
  • Lots of difficulty settings and missions
  • Nice soundtrack


  • Tedious micromanagement
  • Lack of original ideas
  • Lacks gameplay dynamics